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LETSGOBASKETBALL is a unique, one-stop shop which connects basketball players of all ages and abilities with professional basketball players, coaches and other service providers, worldwide.

LETSGOBASKETBALL is a great way of improving your basketball skills through high quality coaching from a professional, at an affordable price.

LETSGOBASKETBALL provides tailored coaching to individuals, groups, face-to-face, even by phone or video!


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Are you a professional basketball player or coach who wants to coach others? As a professional or coach, LETSGOBASKETBALL helps you earn money and build your reputation, especially in the off-season, through coaching.


Are you a player of any age who wants to improve your basketball skills and be coached by a professional? Search for a professional player or coach, or service provider in your area, using your postcode or city. 

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Are you a provider who is offering another type of service? As a service provider, LETSGOBASKETBALL provides the interface between you and your clients through an on-line shopping portal, where clients can browse service providers’ profiles and book your services directly..


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